Christian Missionary Disappointed That Africa Isn’t the Hellhole She Was Hoping For

If I asked you to imagine what Africa looks like, what would you say?

I suspect there are some people who would respond: “Poor. Lots of slums. Starving people everywhere.” But really, it’s an awful question to begin with. It depends where you are in Africa. In many parts of the continent, you feel no different from when you’re in any of the world’s great cities.

This is Nairobi

Now, if the only images of Africa you ever see are in commercials asking you to make a donation, I can understand the ignorance. But if you visited a major African city and discovered that your presumptions were completely wrong, wouldn’t you be thrilled? Wouldn’t you be thankful that people aren’t suffering?

Jessica Tidwell is currently on a missionary trip to Kenya and realized that Nairobi is nothing like she anticipated. It’s affluent, it’s busy, it’s… not all that different from the city she came from. Yet her reaction is one of disappointment: