Secular Charities

The following is a list of secular charities.

The problem many of us have with giving to charity is the lack of visibility of what happens to the money after we make the donation. The money we donate to clothe, feed, house, educate or otherwise help the less fortunate at times can be used for purposes with which we disagree.

An atheist may have worries about charitable donations being used to convert or proselytise, a humanist may worry that much of the donation is skimmed-off in ‘administrative costs’. Religious charities provide help only on the condition that they have the opportunity to recruit and convert to their faith; they give with strings attached.

The following charities have no religious affiliation and provide help with no strings attached. Always research charities before donation to ensure they align with your personal philosophy.

For further guidance on charitable donations visit The British Humanist Association. All purchases from Atheist Boutique include a donation to a secular charity; another way to donate is shop from any of our range.

Charities in the UK & International

Charities in the USA