Mission Statement

Atheist Boutique is a startup fashion brand operating out of Manchester & London inthe United Kingdom promoting positive and peaceful atheism, freedom of speech and freedom both of and from religion. It was founded in 2015 by a Designer and Art Director working in the UK fashion industry.

While primarily a fashion brand, Atheist Boutique has a number of goals; to bring to the public beautiful designs with sentiments of unbelief, laced with sarcasm and irony; to inspire, indulge and enable atheist, humanist, freethiner and secular voices in the world today, to normailize religious criticism and reinforce the right to free speech held by all, including the right to criticise ideas with which we do not agree.

It seems we are overrun by the might, wealth and influence of religious organisations daily. They infringe upon governments and corporations and often we don’t know if the money we spend in our daily lives will ultimately make its way into the remit of a theistic agenda and be used for purposes with which we would strongly disagree.

It is the intention of Atheist Boutique as a brand to never cause a wearer consternation in this way. At the outset our intention is to donate 10% of clear profit to secular causes (some of the causes we support can be seen here) such as Amnesty International which works to free those oppressed by theocracies. Buying from Atheist Boutique means your money will never be used for nefarious purposes.

So feel comfortable in more ways than one, shop with confidence on our secure site and don’t forget to claim your discounts and vouchers.

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USA State Tax Discounts

Worried about Import Duty in the US? Most of our shipments (such as a single t-shirt) do not attract US import duty, simply enter the name of your state (eg. idaho) in the coupon field on the checkout page and your state’s rate of sale tax will be deducted from the products in your order. This discount coupon is stackable with others.